This fascinating volume presents twelve of the most chilling and intriguing criminal cases from across Australia in all their grisly detail."Dirty Dozen Reloaded" includes the amazing true story of how notorious underworld figure 'Fat' Tony Mokbel orchestrated a long and bloody gangland war; the mysterious circumstances behind the death of school teacher and dominatrix Anita Lesser; and the incredible story of a wheelchair-bound, drug lord who used his genius for evil instead of good.Providing a unique insight into the psyche of criminals, and the minds of those who have dedicated their lives to chasing justice and protecting the public, this is an essential read for anyone fascinated by true crime


Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson has been a crime reporter for the Herald Sun since 1994, and is currently the paper's longest serving police roundsman. One of the team that won a Walkley Award in 1995 for a special liftout on the murder of Sheree Beasley, Paul was also head of a team of reporters that won the 2004 Quill Award - Best Deadline Report for a series of stories on the murder of crime patriarch Lewis Moran.

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Series: Ian Malone

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