In D-E-D DEAD!, Geoffrey McGeachin's riotous adventure thriller, Alby Murdoch – international photographer and Australian special agent – ducks bullets and bombs from Bondi to Bali and back  as he attempts to unravel a a lethal web of high-level dodgy dealings...

From the moment Alby drops his gun on a St Kilda tram he knows he’s in for a bad day. Then his partner Harry is gunned down in a Double Bay coffee shop. By lunchtime Alby realises someone wants him dead - and they want him dead now. All Alby wants is some pasta, a good bottle of wine and to know more about the mysterious Grace Goodluck -- long dark hair, legs up to there, and piercing slate-grey eyes … sniper’s eyes. But he also has to figure out who shot Harry and who wants him dead. And why. Unfortunately for Alby, the answer lies over the razor wire and past the anti-personnel mines protecting Bitter Springs, a top-secret US military facility deep in the central Australian desert. Now that can really ruin your day...

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Review D-E-D DEAD! - Geoff McGeachin
Karen Chisholm
Monday, January 14, 2008
Blog Currently Reading - D-E-D Dead!, Geoff McGeachin
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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