From award winning writer, Karl William Fleet, Corporate Truth is a gripping thrill ride through the mind of a murderous sociopath that leaves you wanting more. Go deeper and darker than you have ever gone before, if you dare.

From inside his high-rise office, ruthless sociopath Justin Truth surveys his panoramic view of New York City.

This is his city. His country. His America.

Justin is on a mission to conquer the corporate giant, Soda-Cola. He will threaten, backstab, manipulate, blackmail, sabotage, and cut the throat of anyone who gets in his way.

And it’s all going to his cold, calculating plan—or is it?

As his thirst for power within Soda-Cola grows, his darker side grows even darker, thrusting Justin high into the ranks of America’s most dangerous and prolific serial killers.

One detective stumbles onto the truth, however. Detective Ross Smith finds Justin’s trail of murders—murders painstakingly disguised as accidental deaths. But can an aging detective more consumed with doing what’s right than playing internal politics bring down a high-functioning, murderous, corporate sociopath?

As Ross gets closer to the truth, he’s faced with a choice: put his badge, family, and life on the line, or further his career by following orders.

Will the truth come out before it’s too late—for everyone?

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