A serial killer on the loose. A dark history rising up. Two cops on the brink. 

A rich businessman is found dead on Tunnel Island. Constable Laura Romano immediately recognises a pattern: a serial killer is on the loose, killing tourists. With help from Jim Harris — a local heavy — Romano sets off in pursuit. But as the bodies pile up and political pressure mounts, Tunnel Island falls into disastrous disarray.

In a gritty tale of guilt, corruption and dangerous alliances, Civil Twilight showcases Iain Ryan's fast-pace style and heralds the arrival of a new voice in hardboiled crime.

Civil Twilight is the third book in a new series of crime mysteries. If you like hardboiled female protagonists, gritty crime mysteries, and a dash of tropical paradise, then you’ll love Iain Ryan’s fast-paced page-turner.


Iain Ryan

Iain Ryan grew up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. His debut novel 'Four Days' is now available from Broken River Books. His work is previously published by Akashic Books (New York) and Crime Factory (Melbourne).

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Series: John Dannen

Series: Tunnel Island

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