Seven missing. One dead. No hope.

The Australian outback is beautiful, idyllic, peaceful, and all Detective Bo Campbell has to do is fit in.

Within a day of his arrival, however, he's asked to cover up the murder of a local Aboriginal woman found in bushland. When he discovers she's not the only one, his whole world comes crashing down.

In 1982, north-western New South Wales is plagued by corruption, deaths in custody and inequality. Sent to the remote area after he accidentally shot and killed his partner in a bungled drug raid in Newtown, Bo finds himself caught in a trap and being squeezed by a ruthless group who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Bo only has one choice: will he save himself or risk everything to fight for truth and justice?

In this harrowing, fast-paced novel, survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning. With his life and career crashing down around him, Bo gets help from those least expected. But who will pay the ultimate sacrifice?


Gregory James

Gregory James is a former detective who – while waiting for his real life to begin (cue: Colin Hay) – took up writing to turn real life stories and concepts into fiction. 

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