Brenden James Abbott  - Bank robber. Fugitive. Womaniser. Comedian. Con man. Chameleon. How the Postcard Bandit put his stamp on Australia - and paid the price.

'The jail has intercepted a copy of a book mailed to Brendan Abbott - the Department is examining it to determine what impact it may have on staff, the safety and good order of the centre, and on his victims. We do not allow literature which encourages prisoners to plan and carry out escapes in our prisons, nor do we want literature which gives prisoners information about how to commit crimes. It is unlikely that this book will ever be allowed into Queensland prisons.'

- From a Media Statement by Judy Spence, Queensland Minister for Police and Corrective Services, August 2006.


Derek Pedley

I am a journalist with more than 21 years' experience at The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide and The West Australian newspaper in Perth. I work at Advertiser NewsMedia, part of the newsdesk team responsible for The Advertiser, Sunday Mail and AdelaideNow news website. I have a background in crime reporting and true crime writing. I also review true crime books for The Advertiser.

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Review AUSTRALIAN OUTLAW - Derek Pedley
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

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