We've sort of been busy for the last few days - the day job can sometimes be such an imposition on the fun and games that you'd prefer to be doing.   Things are a bit quiet on the reading front as well, although I've started Dorothy Johnston's Eden and my current position on it can be summed up thus:  Wow.

Anyway - there is a bit of news on the Matthew Reilly front from Jason Steger at the Age - about Matthew's new book and the pilot of a sit-com being filmed.  Wander over for the story on that, and a couple of other interesting little tidbits including an interesting bit about a (non-Crime) self-publishing that could definitely fall into the "things that make you go hmmm" basket.

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Eden Carmichael, a politician, is found dead in a brothel on a hot afternoon. Sandra Mahoney mulls over a demeaning photograph showing Carmichael in a dress and blonde wig. When a lobby group asks her to investigate a company producing filters for the internet, Mahoney is surprised to discover a trail that others have ignored.

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