After having read Eden recently, I've realised that this is one of Dorothy Johston's books I've not yet read.  So let's fix that now

"What have I kept of Rae Evans from the moment when she half-stood behind her desk and held out her hand to shake mine? I think it is the impression of white - white face, white shirt between the two halves of a power dark suit.  Hers were night colours, and thought it was early in the morning, and she was my new boss, it seemed as though the business day had not quite caught up to us, and maybe never would."

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I should ask your department's accountant whether he's missing nine hundred thousand bucks. This is the anonymous message that will change Sandra Mahoney's life.

When a powerful but unpopular bureaucrat is accused of theft and computer fraud, Sandra is convinced that the charge is false. But how to track down the culprit when almost anyone could be an enemy?

In her search for the truth, Sandra finds herself in a battle of wits against an elusive and unscrupulous opponent, a battle in which no-one's allegiance can be taken for granted. In the first of a remarkable new series, Dorothy Johnston has produced a compelling story of computer crime, loyalty and betrayal against the backdrop of a city - and a country - on the cusp of political change.

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