The Price of Darkness is the 8th in Graham Hurley's DI Joe Faraday series.

"Uncomfortable in the heat, Winter followed the funeral cortege as it wound up the path towards the cemetery.  From here, high on the rocky hillside, he could sense what had drawn the dead man to Cambados.  Not simply the lure of Colombian cocaine, delivered wholesale across the Atlantic.  Not just the prospect of ever-swelling profits as he helped the laughing powder towards the exploding UK marketplace.  But the chance to settle somewhere remote, somewhere real, to make a life for himself amongst these tough, nut-brown Galician peasants."

(From the book "Prelude")

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D/C Paul Winter has gone undercover in an attempt to infiltrate the inner circle of the city's premier drug baron, Bazza Mackenzie.  Adrift in a world of easy money and brutally hard-won respect, Winter appears to be in his element.  Worryingly so ...

But headquarters' concerns about Winter are soon supplanted by two high-profile Portsmouth murders.  In the first, a property developer is shot dead with clinical efficiency, thus triggering Operation Billhook.  Next, a government minister visiting the city is assassinated by two helmeted motorcyclists while his car is stuck in rush-hour traffic.  A second investigation is launched, Operation Polygon.

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