As promised - a catchup, especially required as the new book Trick of the Dark has just arrived as well.  Got to say it's no trial whatsoever to do a little Val McDermid immersion reading.

From the Blurb:

When teenager Jennifer Maidment's murdered and mutilated body is discovered, it's clear that there is a dangerous psychopath on the loose.  But it's not long before Tony and DCI Carol Jordan realise it's the start of a brutal campaign targeting an apparently unconnected group of young people.

Opening Lines:

It all comes down to blood in the end.  Some wrongs you can get past.  File under lessons learned, dangers to avoid in future.  But certain kinds of betrayal need to be answered.   And sometimes only blood will do.

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Someone is luring teenagers to their deaths; killing them quickly and then and mutilating them in the most horrifying manner. Someone who spends weeks online grooming them for their fate. Someone who knows what teens like.

Carol Jordan's team has been set up for this very type of case. However, just when they need profiler Tony Hill the most, Carol's new commander has placed a ban on him being used; budget cuts have to begin somewhere.

Meanwhile Tony is working on a case in a nearby county. One that he begins to suspect might be linked to Carol's.

In order to catch the killer the police have to work out how these kids are being selected and Tony Hill is just the man to do the job, but can he convince the powers that be to allow him back into Carol's case?

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