I've been wading around in the heavy side for a few books this month, so when this new book headed my way recently I thought it seemed like a perfect Autumn afternoon read - and it's funny.  Heavy handed with the main joke maybe, but funny nonetheless.

"It seems as if the whole entire bloody world has changed since Tamsin dragged me into her office to start going on about Cairnbridge.  Office being a bit of an overstatement since the whole place is really just lots of pieces of chipboard compartmentalising everything and, if you're really important, which she is, some Perspex and a door holding your bits of chipboard up.  Not exactly a walnut desk and a view down the Hudson or anything."


Set in the wild world of journalism - particularly from dangerous climes - this is the perfect book for my afternoon in the rocking chair, glass of champagne within easy reach.


(It's also bringing out a bad dose of longing for Drop the Dead Donkey on TV as well!)

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Faith Zanetti doesn't understand why everyone is suddenly so interested in who put the bomb on flight TAA67, the plane that blew up over the tiny Scottish village of Cairnbridge twenty-five years ago.  The case has been closed for years, and for a woman whose comfort zone is a war zone it seems like the boring assignment from hell.  But as the conspiracy theories start seeming less theoretical and the threats get increasingly real, Faith realises she's skating on thin ice.

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Submitted by Karen on Sun, 13/04/2008 - 07:16 pm