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The Case of the Hood With No Hands
The Case of the Death of a Ladies’ Man
The Case of the Horses for Corpses
The Case of the Bullets for the Ballet
The Case of the Cock Robin Killer
Mr Rainbow
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She's a surgeon, she's beautiful and she desperately wants Mister Rainbow to shed some light on her husband's past. But when he does, she wishes he hadn't. Because what Rainbow discovers is a handless hood - and a whole lot of murders. Rainbow's a retro private eye who keeps himself to himself. He lives (illegally) on a boat in Sydney Harbour, has no identity, and frequents speakeasies. He's also got a nemesis called Pandora ... The Case of the Hood With No Hands, the first novel in the Mister Rainbow heptalogy, is a thoroughly modern story with a wink and a nod to the golden age of pulp fiction.

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This gloriously retro private eye series is purely for fun.

Crime fiction tends, in the main, to take itself very seriously. Murder after all, isn’t a laughing matter, and the exploration of who did what to whom sometimes demands the playing of a very straight bat. Full review at Newtown Review of Books

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