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#amreading The Lone Child, Anna George

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Started this one last night.

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Neve Ayres has always been so careful. Since her mother’s death when Neve was seven, she’s learned to look after herself and to keep her cards close. But now her deliberately constructed world has collapsed: her partner’s left her when she was eight months pregnant. And so, alone with her newborn son, she’s retreated to her cliff-top holiday house in coastal Flinders.

There, another child comes into her life. 

Review - WHAT CAME BEFORE, Anna George

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What Came Before
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Crime Fiction
Penguin Australia
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Currently Reading - What Came Before, Anna George

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There's opening sequences in books, and then there's the opening sequence in this book!

From the Blurb:

David Forrester and Elle Nolan are sophisticated, mature people who don’t understand love. They live in a world where love is revered but marriages commonly end in divorce, or worse.

When jaded lawyer David meets Elle, he decides she’s his last chance of happiness and does everything he can to woo her and keep her. Everything, that is, except face his demons.