John Lang

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Lang, John

John Lang (1816-1864) was the first Australian-born novelist, often lauded as the first known writer of detective fiction in the Anglophone world. He is best known for his collection of short stories in Botany Bay: True Tales of Early Australia (1859) and for his career as a barrister. His grandfather was transported to Australia in the First Fleet for stealing eight silver spoons.

Lois Murphy

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Murphy, Lois

Lois Murphy has travelled widely, most recently spending six years exploring Australia in a homemade 4WD truck, workling mainly in small or remote towns, before settling in Darwin for a number of years. She has won a handful of prizes for her writing, including the Northern Territory Literary Award and the Sisters in Crime Best New Talent prize. 

Jennifer Lane

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Lane, Jennifer

I had my first taste of literary success at the age of eleven when I won St Michael’s Primary School’s Year Six creative writing competition with my dramatic World War II piece, Dominic Finds a Way. Twenty-four comparatively unsuccessful years later, I was one of the winners of NZ Book Month’s Six Pack Twocompetition with Scout’s Honour, an extract from an early draft of what was to become All Our Secrets.

Ged Gillmore

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Gillmore, Ged

Ged Gillmore grew up in the Midlands of England before moving to London where he completed degrees in languages and literature at the University of London.

After graduating, Ged worked in France, Germany and Italy before returning to London for eighteen years where he gained experience in a variety of roles including the police service, the film industry and banking. Fancying a change to sunnier climes, Ged made the leap to Sydney in early 2004.

Edward Berridge

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Berridge, Edward

Edward Berridge’s first book, The Lives of The Saints, kickstarted the original wave of 1990s dirty realism. Brutal, unflinching and funny, reviewers were captivated by it and Who Magazine called it pornography. Dog eared and battered copies have been passed from hand to hand for over twenty years. Edward’s next novel is a darkly comic domestic noir confronting divorce and aging. Imagine Big Little Lies written by Michel Houllebecq. As an author, Edward is concerned with sex, how women and men relate to each other and mortality.

Nikki Crutchley

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Crutchley, Nikki

After seven years of working as a librarian in New Zealand and overseas, Nikki now works as a freelance proofreader and copy editor. She lives in the small Waikato town of Cambridge in New Zealand with her husband and two girls. 

Nikki has been writing on and off her whole life and recently has had success in flash fiction. She has been published in Flash Frontier, Flash Fiction Magazine and Mayhem Literary Journal. Crime/thriller/mystery novels are her passion. Nothing Bad Happens Here is her fist novel (but hopefully not her last), set on the Coromanadel Coast of New Zealand.

Matt Neal

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Neal, Matt

Matt Neal is an Australian journalist, musician and Rotten Tomatoes accredited film reviewer. He posts a song every few weeks on his blog Doc’s Anthology. He lives in Warrnambool with his wife and son but will probably be run out of town when this is published. Bay of Martyrs is his first book. Dedicated to Danni and Reggie – my two true.

Tony Black

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Black, Tony

Tony Black was born in NSW, Australia. He is the author of 13 novels. He has been nominated for seven CWA Daggers and was runner-up in the Guardian’s Not the Booker prize for The Last Tiger . He has written three crime series, a number of crime novellas and a collection of short stories. For more information, and the latest news visit his website at: or his blog: