Class Act
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Karen Chisholm
Karen Chisholm

Having now officially completely lost control of Mt TBR I'm randomly picking things based on some criteria or another. So I started this one over the weekend. Not sorry.

From the Blurb:

What happens when a drug dealer is forced to turn detective?

Meet Bill Murdoch, the world's most reluctant private investigator.

Ged Gillmore


Ged Gillmore grew up in the Midlands of England before moving to London where he completed degrees in languages and literature at the University of London. After graduating, Ged worked in France, Germany and Italy before returning to London for eighteen years where he gained experience in a variety of roles including the police service, the film industry and banking. Fancying a change to sunnier climes, Ged made the leap to Sydney in early 2004. When he's not falling off his surfboard at Bondi or dabbling with a day job which pays the bills he sits at his laptop and bashes out fiction.  In October 2017, Ged launches Headland - the first book in the new 'Bill Murdoch Mystery' series. Headland kicks off the hard-boiled adventures of Bill Murdoch, a lovable English rogue, as he tries to leave his criminal past behind him and adapt to a new life as a private investigator in small town Australia. Murdoch will return in the sequels, Class Act, and Base Nature (in late 2017 / early 2018). 

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