The Ultimate Community, J. Meverington

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Karen Chisholm

Part of "The Community" series, which is made of up THE SECRET COMMUNITY, THE ETERNAL COMMUNITY (I may have the order of these slightly squiffy sorry) and THE ULTIMATE COMMUNITY. This one is the story of Alice Parker - who I believe is a character from the earlier novels. This is most definitely one of those series that you probably need to read in the correct order, as there was much in this outing that really needed some context for this reader who struggled to put everyone and everything together at points.

Page turning thriller in style, with terrific pace covering for some slightly less "swallowable" elements of the plot, there's an interesting idea at the centre of this, as flagged in the blurb to THE ETERNAL COMMUNITY "Meanwhile, The Community is under threat as evil runs riot, threatening its peaceful existence. Will life ever be the same again?"


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The Ultimate Life? Or the Ultimate Lie?

Alice Parker’s zest for life is contagious. When she’s not working in her father’s bar in London, she’s out partying with her friends. Some might say she is having too much fun.

Review The Ultimate Community, J. Meverington
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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