Terror of the Innocent, Mike Boshier

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Karen Chisholm

Somebody called Jess Lowther has been demanding that I post reviews of a couple of Mike Boshier's books that were entered in the 2018 Ngaio Marsh Awards. These reviews have been queued up on the site for sometime now, and I've been resisting posting them as there's nothing much I can contribute to discussion of the books. My apologies to the author, I had intended leaving it at no comment.


Originally drafted in 2018: TERROR OF THE INNOCENT is the second book in the John Deacon action adventure series, which shows some improvements over the first from a plotting point of view. As always, other readers may find these books considerably more appealing.

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As the Iraqi Forces build up for the liberation of Mosul, ISIS wants revenge. 

The UK and USA are in their sights ... 

In a daring rescue mission to release aid workers held hostage by ISIS, US Navy SEAL John Deacon stumbles across an ISIS revenge plot using deadly weapons stolen from Saddam's regime. 

Masterminded by Deacon's old adversary, Saif the Palestinian, and too late to save the UK, Deacon and the world can only watch in horror as thousands suffer a terrible fate. 

Determined to stop the same outcome in the US, it's a race against time. 

Using all the resources he can muster including his friends in the Pentagon, Deacon must find and stop Saif before the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans are ruined forever. 

Review Terror of the Innocent, Mike Boshier
Karen Chisholm
Friday, February 1, 2019

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