THE SOFT TOUCH - Tony Cavanaugh

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The Soft Touch
Darian Richards
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A gripping short crime story featuring Darian Richards by Australia's 2012 bestselling debut crime writer Tony Cavanaugh. Includes previews of his two full-length novels.

Darian Richards is a retired homicide investigator. He was one of the best. But chasing monsters eventually took its toll and he quit the force to sit on a jetty on the Noosa River. Or so he planned.

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Last year PROMISE arrived, well promising quite a bit.... even though at the time the mad bad serial killer bit didn't work, the rest of the book did. And I particularly liked the central character, and the nature of his flawed / skewed moral compass. That component isn't overplayed but it's there, like the bloody great big dingo in the room - you know it could bite at any stage because that's what they do. Nothing personal, just a given.

This short story is very much a short story, and whilst it has a lot of the feel of a marketing trailer about it, it's worth reading as it spells out a lot of the background to Darian Richards and where that flailing moral compass comes from.

You're not going to need to read it to make PROMISE or DEAD GIRL SING - but having said that, as a bit of a teaser before the main event, I whipped through it in the day before I sat down and read the second book. More on that soon.

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