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Sunnie Gill

Matthew Reilly was born in 1974.  He is of a generation who grew up on a diet of action blockbuster movies.  Reading THE SIX SACRED STONES is like reading a screenplay for one of these movies. The characters careen from one life threatening situation to another at a breakneck speed.  There is an incredibly high body count as West’s friends and foes alike succumb to the danger of this latest quest. They die in all manner of grisly fashions. Fortunately the reader is spared too many details.  

Character development isn’t really Reilly’s thing.  Why waste the words when you can have another life-threatening situation from which Jack can extricate himself? The characters all seem to have the same voice; from the learned elderly academic to Jack’s twelve-year-old daughter – they all talk in exactly the same manner.

If asked to describe THE SIX SACRED STONES, I would say it is Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code on steroids. A fan of action movies looking for something to keep them entertained over the Christmas holidays will probably love THE SIX SACRED STONES.  For this ageing baby boomer who prefers her plots much more sedate and with distinctive characters, it was all just a little too exhausting.

Year of Publication

The end of the world is here...

Unlocking the secret of the Seven Ancient Wonders was only the beginning.

The world is in mortal danger.

For Jack West Jr and his loyal team of heroes, the challenge now is to set six legendary diamonds known as the Pillars in place at six ancient sites around the world before the deadline for global destruction arrives. The locations of these sites, however, can only be revealed by the fabled Six Sacred Stones.

Their quest will involve the death-defying hijack of a mountaintop railway in China... A midnight expedition to Stonehenge... A headlong chase across the deserts of Egypt... And a trek into the dark realm of an African tribe forgotten by time...

With only the riddles of ancient writers to guide them, and time rapidly running out, Jack and his team must fight their way past traps, labyrinths and a host of deadly enemies – knowing that this time they cannot, will not, must not fail.

The mission is incredible. The consequence of failure is unimaginable. The ending is unthinkable.

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