Six Murders?: The Strange Case of the Welly Alley Strangler, Robert Philip Bolton

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Karen Chisholm

A comedic styled novel tending almost towards satire, which you'll get from title, even before you've even cracked open the spine. SIX MURDERS (for short) is the tale of the weird life of Ponytail O'Gorman - a charming old-style fraudster - who somehow convinced a couple of everyday people from the suburbs to assist him in a grand quest. There are some funny moments in this novel and the characters are great, it's a plot with great potential as well, although the style is on the arch side, sometimes overwhelming so. If you like your satire thick and fast, this could be just the ticket.

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When Faith and her husband accidentally get involved in the weird life of Ponytail O'Gorman - a beguiling old fraudster - they have no idea how much he will disrupt their peaceful life in suburban Wellington, New Zealand. But he convinces them to help him in his strange quest to find both his friend from prison, Simple Simon, and his own missing cell phone which is being sought by a bunch of desperate crooks as well as by the head of Wellington CIB. Determined to help the strangely charming little con-man - and so discover the truth about the notorious Welly Alley Strangler - they get carried along to a secretive location in beautiful Martinborough. In the process Faith confronts a collection of odd characters - including the rich Widow Partridge, the terribly nasty Big Ben Pye and his two young henchmen - who unknown to her were part of her husband's life as a prison guard.

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