The Security, Scott Butler

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Karen Chisholm

The Security (firm) are a highly specialised team of personal bodyguards, renowned as the best in the business. Until their clients' personal lives start to be exposed, leaving the team trying to protect themselves, while trying to find out who it is that knows a lot of their own secrets, let alone those of their clients. THE SECURITY (novel) is about what happens to the rich and famous when their secrets leak, it's also about what happens to such a highly specialised firm, who rely on their reputation, when they appear to be the only link between the affected clients.

There's a really unusual set up and idea behind this novel, with some engaging characters and a heap of action and pace. The structure of the narrative is very different, although not always as successful as it could be, as the timeshifts did leave a bit of terminal confusion in their wake. Once this reader got into the swing of things the fog did clear though, and there are some gloriously funny moments with some great dialogue and action that will have you feeling a bit worn out, just reading it.

Interesting combination of action thriller and psychological whodunnit, points have to be given for the attempt at something a little different - and the level of sheer fun involved (perhaps that's a bit down to the idea that some seriously unpleasant characters gets some hefty doses of what's coming to them along the way). Will be interesting to see if this is an ongoing series - The Security (firm) would be an interesting bunch to tag along with again.


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Secrets. Everyone has them. Nice ones that make your heart soar, little ones that make you blush, naughty ones that make you smile and dark ones you hope will remain hidden forever.

One thing’s for certain – everyone wants their secrets kept out of the public eye. Especially the rich and famous. Hadley Peters banks on the desire for ultimate privacy. With a global rock god, an actor on a meteoric trajectory, a mercurial artist and a stellar fashion designer on the books, his team of bodyguards is the best in the business. But when an elite client attempts suicide, and another is robbed at gunpoint, things begin to go horribly wrong.

As The Security’s clients’ personal lives are exposed, one by one, the team must work together to find out who is targeting them, and why. But as tensions rise, it becomes clear the assailant knows the bodyguards’ darkest secrets, too. As their world unravels, who and why is played out in a game that pits ambition against revenge. With devastating results. 

Review The Security, Scott Butler
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, November 11, 2021

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