Review - Talk to Me, Neil Colman

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Karen Chisholm

An interesting idea that takes off from page one, involving a talk back radio host. Tongue in cheek in style, there's an unlikeable central character and a tell don't show style - mimicking that idea of talk back. The telling of the tale from a dialogue point of view starts out well, but unfortunately for this reader, that expository style quickly got tiresome, leaving the feeling that the joke's not quite strong enough to overcome an unconvincing portrayal of police attitudes and procedures, the overly convenient insertion of pet-jep and a very transparent no-name game which rang loud bells even for this erratic TV watcher.

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Garry is the enigmatic and popular host of a talkback radio show who is continually battling with his boss over his style. Outside of work, he loves to take his crazy Jack Russell Terrier, Spot, to the park where they regularly meet up with a group of friends, both canine and human.

But for two of those friends, what starts as a walk in the park turns sinister with the gruesome discovery of a body. Soon, talkback radio gets involved and things get totally out of hand.

Garry is drawn into a plot that threatens his close friend. Meanwhile secret meetings and plans are made and loyal listeners take sides as more and more people ring in to the radio station.

But a common thread begins to emerge as Spot becomes enmeshed in the story.

Talk to Me is a cynical, funny and, at times, dark exposé of the talkback radio industry, all wrapped up in an amateur sleuth whodunnit that will keep you guessing to the end. 

Review Review - Talk to Me, Neil Colman
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, July 6, 2017

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