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Karen Chisholm

Romantic Suspense and I do not get on so my viewpoint is probably somewhat skewed. I also cheerfully admit to a particularly strong allergy to anything at all that gets all "she's nothing without a man" or "women donning high heels to run through the bush to escape the bad guy". Which I'm happy to report is not the case in STORM CLOUDS. Erin Taylor's actually quite a likeable woman - even with the unrequited longing thing over Simon / love interest / suspect / estranged husband. 

What I'm struck by with this book is, if you are a fan of this sort of combination Romance / Suspense storyline with the romance having as high a billing as the suspense bit, then why oh why do these local writers not get a bigger readership / fan base? 

STORM CLOUDS is as good an example of Romantic Suspense as you'd come across surely. The characters are comfortably Australian (without a cork hat or a cliché in sight), and the plotting is solid. The storyline would work equally as well for those of who live in the bush (aware of the unsurprising shortage of sinister types lurking around every corner), as it would for city dwellers who either find the bush an exotic foreign place, or somewhere to be avoided at all costs. The characters fit within their setting very well in STORM CLOUDS and the plot is actually quite believable. 

If romantic suspense is your thing - then STORM CLOUDS should be on the reading list.

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Deep in the Australian countryside, a reclusive community hides a deadly secret.

Life is falling into place for National Parks ranger Erin Taylor. She has a job she loves, she's falling for her colleague, Simon - and she is finally leaving the past behind. Until a woman is murdered.

But the victim is not just any woman - she's Simon's wife, Hayley. The wife he's not mentioned to Erin. The wife he's not seen in fourteen years. On the edge of the national park, the alternative lifestyle community of 'Simple Bliss' denies knowing Hayley, but Simon and Erin suspect otherwise.

As Simon uncovers shocking details about the group, Erin is drawn further into their midst and finds a web of lies, decades old - and a charismatic, manipulative, dangerous cult leader who will let nothing and no-one stand in his way. On the wrong side of a river in flood that has become a lethal torrent, Erin and Simon must race to expose the truth and prevent a tragedy.

Review Review - STORM CLOUDS, Bronywn Parry
Karen Chisholm
Friday, June 19, 2015
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Monday, June 15, 2015

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