Review - The Silent Inheritance by Joy Dettman

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Andrea Thompson

THE SILENT INHERITANCE strides with purpose for the bulk of the novel as the field narrows and possibilities are discarded. There are a number of separate narratives running alongside each other. The characters are somewhat of a curious yet dispassionate bunch. As a result, readers subsequently may not invest too much in worrying about their fate. It is difficult to engage with their struggles, even as they discover and connect with each other. It also means that by the novel’s end there are quite a few threads that need tidying up.

Set in Melbourne THE SILENT INHERITANCE does a terrific job in encapsulating a crime within the suburbs. The rest of the busy and largely uncaring city continues on its merry way as relationships form and fracture, and families struggle to cope with the loss of their daughters. The killer hiding in the midst of all this has his own mission to fulfil, and it is the mechanics of him keeping it all together whilst being hunted that is oddly fascinating. This is not a read to be rushed, but considered carefully.

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Sarah Carter, mother of twelve-year-old Marni, is raising her daughter alone in a small granny flat in suburban Melbourne. A serial killer, dubbed 'The Freeway Killer', is headline news and when Marni's classmate is abducted from the mall where Sarah and Marni shop, their city no longer feels safe.

Detective Ross Hunter's investigation into the abduction leads him to dead ends - until an unrelated incident sends him to the door of Freddy Adam-Jones, an unscrupulous barrister, who is guarding a secret that could ruin his life.

When an unexpected windfall changes the lives of Sarah and Marni, their sudden wealth opens doors long closed, and threatens to cast light on history better left buried.

What might Sarah's past reveal? What is her connection to Freddy? And can Detective Ross Hunter discover the link in time to save a young girl's life?

Review Review - The Silent Inheritance by Joy Dettman
Andrea Thompson
Monday, July 11, 2016

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