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Karen Chisholm

I probably should have known better, but I admit the final line of the blurb caught my eye "And it explains the one lie that binds them all – sex." I was wondering what it was that made these sorts of liaison's "public property".

And I still don't know. So much salacious gossip, some of it repeated directly from the tabloid newspapers (if the story I test googled is any indication), with no analysis, no explanation and ... well nothing much really except a sneaking suspicion of a bit of "nudge nudge wink wink". Which makes it very hard to even recommend this as I suspect most of the tediousness outlined in this book is already known to those that follow this sort of mindless crap.

With some judicious flipping of pages to dodge some of the more pointless little revelations, at least I came away from this with a clearer understanding of what it is that annoys me so much about tabloid journalism, and what makes me despair about a population obsessed with this sort of crud. So it wasn't a complete waste of time - but as close to it as I need to come. 

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Between the sheets with Australia's powerful, rich and famous

Since the First Fleet landed, Australian history has been littered with mistresses. Slide between the covers of this book to find a cheaters' list of those women and a star-studded hall of infamy of Australia's rich and powerful men, catching them sneaking into their lover's bed in the dead of night. They are all here: Michael Hutchence, Clive James, Tony Mokbel - the list goes on ...

Wealthy and powerful men have always attracted beautiful mistresses. Kerry Packer, Australia's richest man, was one such notorious philanderer. He only moved home to his wife, Ros, from the flat of his Mistress the day before he died. Politicians are no better: Bob Hawke had a prolonged love affair with his biographer Blanche d'Alpuget before finally casting aside loyal wife Hazel. Former Liberal leader Sir Billy Snedden died on the job in a Sydney motel room with his lover and was found wearing only a condom. Today's politicians certainly aren't squeaky clean either ...

Mistress takes you between the sheets with Australia's billionaires, footballers, celebrities, gangsters and politicians; the women they cheat with, the wives they betray.

And it explains the one lie that binds them all – sex. 

Review Review - MISTRESS by Matthew Benns
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
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Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 27, 2014

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