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Andrea Thompson

THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND is perfectly compulsive reading that will literally take you places.  Was it wrong, when reading this thriller novel, to want to hear more about what it is to be a flight attendant? Apologies to the author for this take-home but this aspect of the book was very interesting! 

The character Juliette kept this reviewer completely under her spell for the entire length of the book.  Juliette is utterly credible and fully fleshed out as a force of nature whose grand plans won’t be denied.  Going along on Juliette’s completely rational ride to glory is a huge adventure and you can’t help but admire her dedication to the mission.   She is focused, she is determined, she has the intelligence, the means to see it all through and never backs down from her goal of firmly reinserting herself back into her ideal relationship.

Author Karen Hamilton has done a bang up of making us like Juliette, despite her dangerous intentions and willingness to do what needs to be done.  You will want to like this woman, but you will be frightened of her, and you will never ever want to be on her bad side.  THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND epitomizes the modern psychological thriller and skates deliciously along the edge of all we are not supposed to admire – but sneakily do.

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Juliette has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep tabs on her ex-boyfriend. Though in Juliette’s mind, this has been more of a pause in their relationship than an actual split.  This will give Juliette time to fine tune the parts of herself that complimented Nate, enter his industry, spy on his personal devices and occupy his flat when he is out flying planes.  As one aggrieved partner would of course do.

A pilot’s life is an exciting one and it does have the added advantage for Juliette that in tracking Nate’s flights, she is able to know where he is at any given time.  Juliette is rather on the fly herself, a newly minted flight attendant working now for the same airline that employs Nate.  Using a different name, social engineering herself into useful circles to compliment her mission of re-entering Nate’s life, Juliette has a lot at stake.  Nate just needs to get on board… with the program.

Andrea Thompson
Monday, April 16, 2018

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