PASSPORTS TO CRIME - Janet Hutchings (editor)

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Karen Chisholm

This is exactly what I like about short story collections. This is particularly what I like as it's made up of a series of stories from authors all over the world.

Whilst there is no particular theme, the collection really gives you a feel for interpretations of crime fiction in a lot of different countries and cultures.

As always, ones that worked beautifully, ones that weren't for me, others from authors I already knew about, many from new to me authors who promptly made it onto the "book watch" list.


Derived from a series launched in 2003 by Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, called Passports to Crime, this volume collects stories from some of the world's most popular and talented crime writers. Originally published monthly in Ellery Queen, these stories are appearing for the first time in book form. Authors include: Boris Akunin, a major bestseller in Russia, who has many other works translated in the U.S.; Ingrid Noll, Germany's "Queen of Crime," whose books have been translated into 23 languages and adapted for German television; Ruben Fonseca, one of Brazil's best-known literary figures; Baantjer, the most widely read author in the Netherlands, with over 5 million books sold in a country with a population of 15 million; Paul Halter, the winner of two of France's coveted literary awards; France's most admired author of traditional mysteries — Dominic Manotti, a winner of the French Crime Writers Association prize for best thriller; and Rene Appel, three-time winner of the Netherlands' Jouden Strop Prize

Review PASSPORTS TO CRIME - Janet Hutchings (editor)
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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