Guide to Living Through The Impending Apocalypse, First Dog on the Moon

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Karen Chisholm

I was going to quote the Insane Clown Posse's chorus to Apocalypse "Say goodbye to the world, The world as we know it", but then I remembered I'm too old to really know any of Insane Clown Posse's music, and it'd probably be more appropriate if I started off with "At first I was afraid, I was petrified... I will survive", but I'm starting to doubt the survival bit quite a lot. Even though I've been sensible enough to read First Dog on the Moon's super handy Guide to Living Through the Impending Apocalypse and How to Stay Nice Doing It". 

Although, after the last few weeks of "typical summer weather" (as described mostly by people sat in their air-conditioning doing nothing more strenuous than driving a keyboard), and then the ongoing "rainfall deficiency" (see air-conditioned people / add weather commentators who have never left the confines of their Melbourne homes and offices) and I'm thinking the sodding Apocalypse is here and I've read this very useful and not at all expensive book way too late. (I'm sucking up in the hope that one day I'll get a signature on my copy. If we all survive of course....)

On the upside though I know what TEOTWAWKI and SHTF stand for (read the book yourselves), I've not got a bug-out bag, and I already live in the middle of nowhere so I'm ready. Or not. We're all late to the Apocalypse and the list of handy hints on what to do now (page 186) is well overdue (hint - I'm particularly interested in the final one - "Help find a way to slow/stop/ameliorate global warming our choice is between action or death I'm not even joking".) Really, if you're not on board with that concept then you know what you can do. <get in the van>

Why are you still here and not reading this book?

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First Dog On the Moon's Guide to Living Through the Impending Apocalypse and How to Stay Nice Doing It

The only book you will ever need to read by Australia's best-loved marsupial-based cartoonist

Join beloved cartoonist First Dog On the Moon in this tender frolic through the looming collapse of civilisation and the demise of everything you ever cared about. Never have so many worked so hard to bring about the end of life as we know it, but what to wear? When Armageddon arrives, will it still be okay to walk around in your underpants?

Full of handy tips on what to pack, where to go and how to wave a cricket bat menacingly when interlopers try to steal the family pets that you were saving for dinner, this gentle book is fun for all the family.

If you don't buy it, you will probably be eaten by an enormous mutant Nazi tapeworm the size of a school bus. So when the 'SHTF', don't say we didn't warn you, and don't come to the First Dog On the Moon Institute bunker, because there isn't one, it is a secret. 

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