Book Review - Since We Fell, Dennis Lehane

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Andrea Thompson

As you read SINCE WE FELL your expectations do fluctuate as to how the rest of the novel might shape up.  The first third of the book is all solid backstory and quite satisfying; so much so that if we were to wrap this novel up as a drama read without the inclusion of the murders, it would serve very well.  Dennis Lehane writes masterfully with all possible confidence as a writer and this is what we expect from his works – to be entertained, challenged and by novel’s end, satisfied.

The domestic thriller is the modern juggernaut of crime fiction.   It’s fantastic for readers to see the crime giants like Lehane write works for this space and with each new release there is great anticipation to see where these writers will take the genre.   Here, we have a novel that powers forward for a good two thirds.  After this point, we are left wondering if we missed that left-hand turn at Albuquerque.  

SINCE WE FELL is almost two books.   It is certainly not a suspenseful screeching thriller that spirals towards a heart thumping conclusion; rather melancholic in flavour really as we lament the choices that Rachel has made.  Not every novel needs to end with a proven hero, everybody being happy, all threads resolved etc.  SINCE WE FELL is almost the alternate domestic thriller, not redemptive, not nail-bitingly tense; instead measured and thoughtful with insight into how a damaged person is able adapt dramatically in order to survive.

Year of Publication

The highs of Rachel’s work in journalism brought her excitement, fulfilment and an outgoing husband to boot.  She could not see how that could ever change.   Until one wartime assignment took Rachel’s confidence, her career and the life of a young girl.

Years later with a new supportive husband, Rachel is slowly beginning to venture out again into the outside world that once judged her harshly for her on-air breakdown. Her once glittering life has appreciably narrowed since her fall from grace, but it’s a life she has been happy to live in the slow lane.  Brian’s love and support has meant everything to Rachel and she has never questioned his work, his lack of friends or his constant work trips.  As the fog begins to clear, Rachel realizes the warning signals were there all along.

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