Book review - Best Day Ever, Kaira Rouda

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Andrea Thompson

BEST DAY EVER has a slow burn and is very much like a one room thriller, due to the small cast and its real-time play.  We’re along for the ride with Paul, our urbane and narcissistic host, and included every step in the way in his Machiavellian plans to come out on top and be in complete control of his life and marriage.  We’re not meant to like him, and of course we can’t admire him, but we can marvel at the inflated super ego that has resulted in his life unraveling at a greater speed now that he is finally spending some time alone with his witness, wife Mia. 

Paul’s traits are horribly recognizable and therein lies the true horror; it is not inherent misogyny that drives Paul, it is more the extreme love he has for himself.  Everyone has met one of these people, and Paul has taken it to an art form with quick thinking on his feet, lying on the spin of a dime and skillfully manipulating people and events to suit his own needs. 

With domestic thrillers being so huge right now, many fiction writers have lifted the lid on the most dangerous experiences women can have; that being, those lived as a result of entering into relationships with controlling men. BEST DAY EVER is an excellent reminder that you don’t need to look too far from home to find real monsters.  This novel doesn’t over dramatize and it doesn’t over explain, which makes BEST DAY EVER all the more chilling to read.

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Determined to make the day run to schedule, Paul sets off for the drive to his river home with Mia, his lovely young wife of ten years.  Their kids are being taken care of by the dubious babysitter and this weekend will be all about the two of them.  Paul has planned the next few days very very carefully.  There are some work arounds that are necessary and Paul does get the feeling that Mia suspects something is up.  But not to worry, the course of true love never does run smoothly.  Paul is used to leading a complicated life and his increasing money troubles have brought him to this point.  Drastic measures need to be taken. 

Review Book review - Best Day Ever, Kaira Rouda
Andrea Thompson
Sunday, October 8, 2017

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