Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage, M.C. Beaton

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Karen Chisholm

I'm dangerously close to od'ing on these as I'm starting to feel like I could quote the upcoming lines before they are uttered. Still these sorts of books are the ones I turn to when I'm doing something else that really requires concentration. They are more than a bit silly, weirdly obsessed with the way that people look, and very samey after a while. Perhaps don't binge listen like I've been doing as the repetitiveness really stands out, but on the whole, really good for people looking for something less confrontational that many crime fiction listens. (And don't expect these to match up with the TV series - even when the plot co-incides the characters are so different you'll either be terminally confused, mildly disappointed, or oddly relieved that the perky is well and truly not part of the books).

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In her fifth outing, pushy and endearing Agatha Raisin has wedding to Cotswold neighbor James Lacey interrupted by her first husband, not divorced, thought-dead, Jimmy Raisin. Matters go quickly from bad to worse. Jimmy is found murdered; Agatha and James are the prime suspects.

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