Tuesday - day 4 of being woken by a small bouncing puppy!  Jedda is totally delightful - but wakes much earlier and more energetically than I do. :)  We had leisurely start before going shopping with Karen and Adam.  We started with brunch of Vietnames soup, pho.  I somehow misunderstood what Adam said was special about the special version.  After it appeared in front of me I soon discovered that it included chicken heart, chicken liver, and a large block of brown stuff - yes, it was blood!  Luckily there was enough other and more edible ingredients that I still went away satisfied.  We finished off with my favourite egg tarts.

On the way home, we called in at, surprise, surprise, another bookshop!  Tonight it's off to trivia at the pub.

Today's acquisitions:

  • Sarah Rayne.  Tower of silence
  • Colin Watson. Blue murder
  • Shizuko Natsuki. The third lady
  • Masako Togawa. A kiss of fire

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