Over on my partner's own blog (which you can now see via News and Views as well), he's been posting some reviews of books read whilst travelling recently. 


The first review is 

Fluke by Christopher Moore(link is external)


and the second is for


The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
(link is external)


(Both are books which he is recommending incidentally).

Year of Publication

Just why do humpback whales sing? That's the question that has marine behavioral biologist Nate Quinn and his crew poking, charting, recording, and photographing very big, wet, gray marine mammals. Until the extraordinary day when a whale lifts its tail into the air to display a cryptic message spelled out in foot-high letters: Bite me.

Trouble is, Nate's beginning to wonder if he hasn't spent just a little too much time in the sun. 'Cause no one else on his team saw a thing -- not his longtime partner, Clay Demodocus; not their saucy young research assistant; not even the spliff-puffing white-boy Rastaman Kona (né Preston Applebaum). But later, when a roll of film returns from the lab missing the crucial tail shot -- and his research facility is trashed -- Nate realizes something very fishy indeed is going on.

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