Straight and Level
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Karen Chisholm
Karen Chisholm

Another from the New Zealand pile read over the weekend.

From the Blurb:

Penelope Haines


Penelope Haines became a writer when she realized she could gaze out of the window with a glass of wine in her hands and claim to be working.  Her previous occupations of Nurse, Management Consultant, Parent, Farm Manager, CEO and Commercial Pilot failed to achieve this simple clarity. Her training as a nurse taught her not to kill patients; her training as a flying instructor convinced her to be patient as students attempted to kill her. Penelope’s current status as ‘alive’ is a testament to the speed of her reactions.  Writing detective novels allows her to explore new and creative ways of murdering those who have offended her. So far the results of that exploration have remained purely fantastical. Penelope's interests are centered round reading, writing, music, theatre and horse-riding. She maintains she is a single minded person, having one dog, one cat, one horse and one husband.

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