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Karen Chisholm

Having just loved WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? when I read it last year, I was really pleased to find this collection of short stories by Wendy James.  Whilst not crime fiction, these stories expore a range of themes from extremely fragile friendships, awkward parent-child relationships, unhappy marriages and longing. 

All of these stories vary in their style and content, many of them skating lightly through the subject matter, others pulling the reader into the lives of the characters.

This isn't a collection that can be read quickly as many of the stories need to be put down, considered, restarted, reconsidered and pondered.  The writing is often raw and emotional, often searing and confrontational.  But the themes discussed are fascinating, the the storytelling assured, even when stepping into unusual forms and themes.

Year of Publication

These are tales of fugitive lives: dazzling portraits of women and men on the run; from their present, their past, their future – from themselves…

Here, finally, is the complete collection of short fiction from award-winning author Wendy James. Holding a discerning mirror to seemingly ordinary lives, James captures recurring themes of love, betrayal, passion and guilt to show just how vulnerable and intricate the human heart really is.

Whether narrating from the living room of a contemporary marriage, from the wheel of a desperate getaway car, or while composing an elaborate diversion in 18th century Salzburg, James has the rare ability to wryly comment on humankind with unnerving clarity and precision.

Review WHY SHE LOVES HIM - Wendy James
Karen Chisholm
Saturday, January 29, 2011

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