The Trespassers Club, Helen Vivienne Fletcher

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Karen Chisholm

The TRESPASSERS CLUB is a great little book for young kids - probably around the 10-13 age group (she says desperately trying to sound like she'd know). It's a combination of action and adventure, with a really strong lead female character in Laura, and an extremely believable plot about a teenage runaway and an old house. What starts out as a game for Laura turns into something more complicated for her and Jacob and everything about this lovely little novel works. Great fun, perfect reading for kids with that combination of action and a moral challenge that's nicely understated.

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Trespassers Club was just supposed to be a game, but sometimes going places you shouldn’t has consequences … 

Laura has always spent her free time playing Trespassers Club with her sister, Katy. But Katy just turned thirteen and isn’t interested in playing games anymore.

When their family moves suburbs, Laura discovers an old abandoned house on her street. It seems like the perfect hideout, but something – or rather someone – is already hiding inside.

Laura meets Jacob, a runaway teen in a lot of trouble. Who is Jacob and what is he hiding from … Will Laura get herself into trouble if she gets involved?

Review The Trespassers Club, Helen Vivienne Fletcher
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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