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Less of a full review, and more of a note about the first book in this (now) 3 book series set in Mongolia.  THE SHADOW WALKER is the first book, which I read recently, having already read the 2nd in the series (the third is here in the queue).

A first book in a series is often slighty problematic and I have to say having read the 2nd book (The Adversary) which I loved, I was willing to cut this first book a lot more slack than perhaps others would be willing.  In THE SHADOW WALKER, the two main characters from the series Negrui and Doripalam are introduced, but a lot of the central focus of the story is around a blow-in English detective, bought into help out the locals when a number of bodies are found in increasingly violent killings. 

This device is a little unsatisfactory as the action therefore has an overtly "British" feel to it and it seems to deaden any feeling of Mongolia - despite a visit onto the steppes at one point.  There's also a slighty unsatisfactory aspect to the plot with yet another serial killer which ends in a rather predictable manner.

Having said that, there are glimpses of the ongoing personalities of Negrui and Doripalam and if they appeal to you, then you should want to move onto the second book. 

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His eyes were adjusting to the darkness now, and he twisted around trying to see what it was that had tripped him. At first, he couldn't make it out. Just a blank shapeless mound, spread across the frozen ground. And then he thought it looked something like a human figure, but not quite like one. He rolled over, trying to clear his head, trying to work out what was wrong.

Review THE SHADOW WALKER - Michael Walters
Karen Chisholm
Sunday, April 19, 2009
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