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Andrea Thompson

There is much to like about MY HUSBANDS LIES.  We have an intimate view over the shoulders of four people who thought that they would be together forever, but in reality, time has been gradually easing them apart.   It’s a long time for a group of school friends to stay at this level of closeness, and you do get the feeling that this closeness has caused the differing levels of arrested development in all four.  It’s a little claustrophobic, and no one’s bad behaviour goes unnoticed.

The majority of this book will have you sharply curious as to what will happen to the fab four with growing concern for their welfare as they hurtle to the conclusion.  The ending is little short of bizarre but perhaps that was the intention.   It’s also unclear, as the character winding it all up has not been under the focus for most of the novel. The title doesn’t quite fit with the book either – whose husband does it refer to? 

The characters are written so well in MY HUSBAND’S LIES, including the supporting characters, that there is a burning desire to find out what happens next after the final few explosive pages.  This novel will keep you deeply immersed in the various tangled webs woven and leave you with plenty of questions.

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Jen, the much-loved hub of the group, can hardly believe that she now is the mother of three daughters, working a meh career, married to Ian who turns into a total grump when his team doesn’t win.  Handsome Dan is on the uncertain precipice of new fatherhood whilst his girlfriend Geri waits patiently for him to get on board the pregnancy train.  Newly married Nick is not sure that he has made all the right decisions up to this point and is more than a little suspicious that his family are keeping some secrets from him.  Will is in love with someone else but is powerless to anything about it when his wife Penny needs him now more than ever.

To bring this all together, we have a wedding.  Penny isn’t quite sure why she was standing four stories up in the window of her hotel room when she was supposed to be watching the service, but the effect this act has on the wedding party will never be forgotten.  Her husband Will is mortified that his wife has caused such a disruption (was she intending to jump?) and the ripple effects of this one incident last long after the big day.

Review Review - My Husband's Lies, Caroline England
Andrea Thompson
Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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Thank you so much for this great review and the fabulous summary! Best wishes, Caroline

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