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Karen Chisholm

A Thriller, LOOK CLOSER, is set in London against the backdrop of British Politics, but the scenario could be played out in any similar democracy.

When Will Fletcher's journalist girlfriend Amy is badly wounded in an assassination attempt on the likely next PM, nobody even imagines that the candidate wasn't the target. Especially Fletcher who suddenly finds himself in the position of target himself, with no real understanding of why or how his life took this turn. Or what, exactly Amy was doing at the time that she was shot.

In the tradition of all great thrillers LOOK CLOSER moves forward at breakneck pace, within a plot that's busy, twisty, turny and very involving. Using the character of the boyfriend as the central focus, a man seemingly as confused and surprised by every revelation as the reader, gives LOOK CLOSER a sense of reality and believability that would not necessarily be there if without his cluelessness about what's going on.

Given we're also in the realms of politics, you'd expect, and you get, conspiracies, corruption, power grabbing, dark and dangerous secrets and lot of intrigue. There's sufficient technological elements to make it feel real and not so much as to teeter into Sci-Fi type territory.

Given the plot and pace, character is not completely left behind. Will, in particular, is both sympathetic and strong, determined but not too action hero typed. He's desperation feels palpable and there's nothing in his character that would cause you to doubt. Which makes the final twist in the tail of LOOK CLOSER all the more surprising, and not obviously telegraphed. Having said that some readers are going to love this and others might be left chewing the corners or the ereader off. It's a final twist is delivered with some force, that actually had this reader going back to "look closer". Are their clues along the way? You'll have to read LOOK CLOSER to work it out for yourselves!

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How far would you go to protect a secret?

How far would you go to expose a lie?

Will Fletcher seems to have it all – perfect job, perfect life. Then in one act of extreme violence, his world is turned upside down. 

A bungled assassination attempt on a London street uncovers a disturbing conspiracy fuelled by organised crime and political ambition. Now, Will finds himself on the run, pursued by a dangerous enemy who will stop at nothing to protect his employer’s past.

The only way to stop the chain of events is to follow a trail of clues that lead to the heart of British politics.

With the date for the UK General Election only days away and the killers closing in, Will is running out of time to deliver his own version of vigilante justice and expose the corruption. As the web of lies and deceit unravels, Will knows the answer’s out there. 

All he has to do is look closer.

Everyone has secrets. Everyone lies.

Review Review - LOOK CLOSER, Rachel Amphlett
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, March 19, 2015
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Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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