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Andrea Thompson

What do we expect out of a Myron Bolitar novel?  Wise cracking bromance laughs, the good guys winning, the unexpected twists and the odd punch up.  We have all of those in HOME only here it’s a little on mute and the lines for who we are supposed to be barracking for are getting a little blurry. What is most welcome here is that we are privy to the thoughts that are coasting around in the more pragmatic head of Win Lockwood.  As always, Win’s character is strong enough to sculpt a novel alone without the softer addition of his best friend in all things, Myron Bolitar.  Here in HOME, we receive the points of view of both men.

The familiar cast are getting a bit of a clean up to become more politically correct and this does soften their edges, 11 books in.  Regardless, HOME is a welcome visit with old friends.  HOME may be a deliberately crafted deliberate step in a long running series which could end on a high or slowly coast out due to the realistic ageing and changes in circumstances for Myron.  Not entirely sure whether I want to see Win humanized with family connections, but again perhaps that’s been written in to indicate a change in direction for the series.

HOME is another entry in a series that never fails to deliver the thrills and spills with enough levity to bring it out of the dark.  There are twists you won’t see coming and these are still the guys that you wish could have your back in real life. 

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To Myron Bolitar, his college roommate Win is family.  It’s been a very long time since either he or the enigmatic Win Lockwood have had to share a room but their lives have been intertwined in love and danger ever since.  So when the call for help comes from Win, Myron does not hesitate.  There has been a sighting in the UK of Winn’s cousin Rhys who was snatched from a playdate along with his best friend Patrick.  The two boys have possibly been used in the UK sex trade the entire time they have been missing.  Winn at first tries on his own to snatch one of the boys but it does not go so well… here are a few (Win) necessary killings.  With the help of Myron, Patrick is brought back to the US and into the arms of his mother.  Patrick should have all the answers to what happened, but he’s not really talking.  To Win and Myron, what Patrick does have to say is not ringing true.

Review Review - Home, Harlan Coben
Andrea Thompson
Saturday, August 12, 2017

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