Lords and Ladies, Terry Pratchett

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Karen Chisholm

The fourth of the Witches sub-set of Discworld, Magrat Garlick is getting married to the King of Lancre. Provided Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg can stop the return of those nasty, conniving elves from the magical realm of Fairie.

There are laugh out loud moments in this one that were just fabulous, crop circles, problems with wedding dresses, and what exactly happens on your wedding night (a book was thoughtfully acquired by the King on that particular subject), and the Lancre All-Comers Morris Team got drunk on a fairy mound and have got troubles enough of their own now.

Everything about the witches of Discworld is wonderful, but LORD AND LADIES is particularly wonderful, what with wedding preparations amidst elves mayhem, and Nanny and Granny's own particular version of mayhem to the fore.

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On a hot midsummer night in Discworld, everything seems perfect - crop circles are turning up everywhere, the witch Magrat Garlick is getting married the next morning, and everyone's buzzing with excitement.

Unfortunately, the Lancre All-Comers Morris Team has gotten drunk on a fairy mound, and the elves have returned with the traditional traits of the magical realm of Fairie: evil, malice, murder, cruelty, and kidnapping.

Suddenly, Granny Weatherwax and her tiny coven of belligerent witches are faced with their biggest challenge as they try to pull off Magrat's wedding.

Review Lords and Ladies, Terry Pratchett
Karen Chisholm
Friday, May 15, 2020

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