HOLD TIGHT - Harlan Coben

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This book has a lot of threads that seem loosely related, but get drawn tighter and tighter together as long held secrets unravel.  There's the parents who wrestle over invading their son's privacy in desperation as he draws away from everything.  There's the neighbour with a terrible secret who's child desperately needs a kidney transplant.  The mother, still grieving over her son's suicide who finds a photo that shows her son may not have been alone that awful night after all.

Harlan Coben deftly weaves these interconnected events together in a theme he has explored in several of his recent novels, the extent people will go to to protect their own loved ones, everybody else is a distant second.

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Tia and Mike Baye are worried about their sixteen-year-old son Adam, who has grown more and more distant after the suicide of his best friend - they can't help but worry.  When Adam disappears and they find a message, "Just stay quiet and all safe" from an unknown correspondent, addressed to their son, you have to ask, just how far will you go to protect your children?

Review HOLD TIGHT - Harlan Coben
Sunday, May 4, 2008

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