Cutting the Cord, Natasha Molt

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Karen Chisholm

An assassin thriller with a twist CUTTING THE CORD features Amira Knox, a member of a secret terrorist group - the Authenticity Movement. Raised in the group, after being adopted by the leader as an infant, Amira and her siblings have been trained as an elite group of assassins, tasked with the elimination of affluent Europeans, identified as enemies of the movement's purpose by her father.

What you end up with in CUTTING THE CORD is a classic thriller styled novel, with an unusual premise in that this assassin is searching for meaning in her own life, increasingly aware that the activities of the Movement are extremely suspect, and everything she's been told about her birth, adoption and the way that she has lived her life is twisted by a man she thought of for so long as her father, and their leader.

It's an interesting idea, taking the classic chase, threat and ruthlessness of an assassin's life, and personalising it with the story of a young woman who isn't sure who she is, where she came from and what she wants to end up being. The threat here ends up coming from multiple places, and people, as Amira continues to take out targets identified by the Movement, while trying to stay one step ahead of the same Movement. Who she trusts, why she trusts and where she goes from here are the point of CUTTING THE CORD and it's a hell of ride. One for fans of high-octane styled thrillers, and definitely one for readers who might like a bit of a twist in their mayhem.



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Amira Knox is an assassin. Her targets: affluent Europeans. Her commander: the Authenticity Movement. Her weakness: emotion.

Amira has been loyal to the secret terrorist group the Authenticity Movement for as long as she can remember. Adopted by the leader of the movement as an infant, Amira was trained to be the ultimate weapon. But when her brother goes mysteriously missing and her father seems to be keeping secrets from her, she begins to doubt the Movement’s purpose and her own identity.

Then there’s Lukas, the handsome German personal protection agent. Can Amira trust him, or does he have a secret agenda of his own?

Caught in a web of deception and betrayal, Amira realises she has to get out of the Movement. Fast.

But how do you escape a terrorist cult when the leader – your father – wants you dead?

Review Cutting the Cord, Natasha Molt
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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