Country Of The Blind (Audio), Christopher Brookmyre

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Karen Chisholm

Bit spoiled for audio choice at the moment, having decided to really concentrate on back to favourite series. This is the second Jack Parlabane book from Scottish writer, and world class pointer out of the idiocy of some aspects of life, Christopher Brookmyre (I was particularly pleased to find Gordon Duncan also reading / listening to this as it is another of my all time favourite Brookmyre books).

Gordon's advice re listening to the opening chapter of this book in the car came a little late alas, and there were a few moments when I did think if I was going to die, I hoped the people extracting me from the car had a similar sense of humour.

All of Brookmyre's books work well in text format, but there's something extra about the audio - the precise reading out of some of the funniest (okay and crudest) lines you're going to hear for quite a while. Perhaps not with your gran in the car is the only other warning I'd add.


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The murder of a media moghul in his country mansion appears to be the result of him disturbing a gang of would-be thieves. The robbers are swiftly caught, but when they are unexpectedly moved to a different prison they escape. Back in Edinburgh, a young solicitor reveals to the press that one of the subjects had left a letter with her some time before the break-in which proves his innocence. Jack Parlabane, journo-extraordinaire, is intrigued, but when he approaches the lawyer he discovers someone else is trying to get near her - someone with evil intent, political connections of the highest order and a corrupt agenda.

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