CASE REOPENED - Stuart Coupe & Julie Ogden (ed)

Review Written By
Karen Chisholm

This book was on my Quest List for such a long time until I finally managed to track down a copy (and was subsequently somewhat startled to find it listed on Fishpond NZ!).  The reason it hit the Quest List was the premise sounded so fascinating - take a bunch of real life cases, give them to a set of fictional crime writers and see what the "solution" is that they come up with.

Whilst it may seem like a bit of a weird idea on some level (and perhaps somewhat uncomfortable for some readers), the result are really very interesting.  Not the least in those stories where the "true crime" only becomes obvious as you read through the short story - there were quite a few "OH" moments as it dawned on me what the authors were discussing, and where they were going.

A great short story collection that would work for most Australian readers, regardless of the timing of the crimes being discussed by these authors.  (Includes stories from Nigel Krauth, Robert Wallace, Peter Corris, Garry Disher, REL Cassidy, Marele Day, Kerry Greenwood, Jean Bedford, Steve Wright, J.R. Carroll and Robert Hood).

Year of Publication

A series of real cases investigated by Australian crime writers who were asked to take a famous Australian murder or mystery - and solve it!   Have they really stumbled onto new information, or are their speculations merely fiction?

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