Book review - Lie to Me, J.T. Ellison

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Andrea Thompson

The reader will need to be patient here as it is not until after the half way mark that LIE TO ME reveals its underbelly with its first major plot twist.  Nothing is quite as it seems.  LIE TO ME is almost like two novels in one; in the first half we have the classic investigation into the spouse and in the second half, other characters in play begin to reveal their true intentions.  Told via both past and present perspectives of Sutton and Ethan, LIE TO ME builds up a picture of a creative marriage which slowly dissembles as more facts are revealed from the relationship’s origin and recent past.

The comparisons made to a certain other wildly popular novel are probably not helpful as LIE TO ME is only vaguely similar in nature.  LIE TO ME does struggle with continuity, and the “unseen” voice of the killer addressing the reader does not add much to the suspense; if anything it’s a bit of an irritating vain play.  As a beach towel thriller, LIE TO ME does the job and almost (but not quite) ties it all up in a bow by novel’s end.  Sharp eyed readers though will pick up on a few unfinished threads; perhaps a sequel in the works?  It would be interesting to see if Ethan Montclair can forge on with his life after going through the twin horrors of his child dying and being accused of murder.

An escapist thriller for your summer holiday, LIE TO ME will keep you guessing and wondering just who it is you are supposed to feel for – the missing, or the one that remained?

Year of Publication

The Montclairs are a young married couple who are finding their marriage difficult to negotiate after the tragic death of their baby son.  Working and living in the same space is now not as cosy and collaborative as it once seemed, and the pressure is on for both writers to honour their publishing contracts and produce the goods.  It is of no surprise to Sutton’s girlfriends when her husband Ethan reports that Sutton has left, leaving a note that she needed to take a break.  Sutton and Ethan are two brilliant people who spark creativity and passion each other, and that definitely means that peace rarely reigns at home.

With no further contact made from Sutton, the panic buttons are hit and Sutton’s disappearance is soon regarded as something more serious than a marital time out.   Money is missing from the couple’s joint accounts and with the police now involved, the media are quick to turn their attention on Ethan.  Ethan combs through the family computers and questions Sutton’s friends but is soon swamped by despair when the suspicious eyes inevitably turn to him.  Speculation is rife, and the close attention paid to Ethan’s every movement has become suffocating.

Review Book review - Lie to Me, J.T. Ellison
Andrea Thompson
Saturday, November 4, 2017

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