You can bend copper. All it takes is a little heat, a touch of persuasive muscle. But can you bend a poisonous fish?

Drug barons and international operators move in on the Apple Isle for what look like easy pickings. Detective Inspector Franz Heineken - aka Pufferfish - is busy tracking a series of top-drawer break-ins, when he is assigned to a government narcotics taskforce.

When its surveillance operation goes spectacularly and embarrassingly wrong, it is Heineken - weary, disaffected, and hankering for a seaside retirement - who looks a likely candidate for corruption. Enemies inside and outside the Force clearly have him in their sights. But they, like Pufferfish, fail to take into account the unknown X and Y factor.


David Owen

David Owen was born in Zimbabwe in 1956 and grew up in Malawi and Swaziland. He completed his education in South Africa and then spent some years working in London. He migrated to Australia in 1986 and lived in Melbourne for four years. He is now settled in Tasmania.

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Series: Pufferfish

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