Tom Caxton is an investigative journalist - and a poker player.

A tough man who values good food, wine, music, friendship and sex. Caxton, and Sergeant Harry Metaxas of the NSW police, have been co-opted into an elite federal task force. They are to find out what lies behind the activities of Sir Viktor Tiburzi, Albanian-Australian millionaire businessman and crook, whose corrupting influence may be poisoning the highest levels of government.

The story moves fast, across brilliantly-drawn landscapes from Canberra to outback Queensland to the Top End and to Thailand. Business corruption, banking morality, government double-dealing, racism and violent deaths form the background as Caxton and Metaxas pursue Tiburzi, unfolding plans for a wildly ambitious, hugely profit-driven but in other ways disastrous mining venture.


R F Brissenden

Born: 1928 - Died: 1991 R. F. Brissenden was born at Wentworthville, New South Wales, and was educated at Cowra High School and the Universties of Sydney and Leeds. Leaving a tutorship at the University of Melbourne in 1953, he spent the rest of his academic career in Canberra at the Canberra University College (later the Australian National University). Brissenden built a strong reputation as a critic and commentator on Australian and American literature and was highly regarded as a scholar of eighteenth century literature. His wife, Rosemary, is an author in her own right.

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