When you fall in love you lay yourself open to a whole set of unknowns.

But when the man you fall in love with turns out to be a former member of a loyalist paramilitary gang in Northern Ireland, who turned informer leading to the gang being disbanded and most of his former comrades being sent to jail, that provides its own set of rather unique challenges.

Mark Earnshaw accepts what his lover Ian has done but will not let the British security services continue to hold him in their trap. Ian wants out of the arrangement he made with them all those years ago too. He wants to be with Mark and for them to have a normal future together.

But when they make his 'resignation' conditional on one last job that's tied up with a plot to lure the IRA back into armed struggle, Mark knows he has to go all the way to protect Ian.

A very different take on the Northern Ireland troubles.
A very different take on a love affair between two men.

‎ B00TWJ010E
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