After her mother's death, it seems to Tommi that all the answers to her questions lie in land of the long white cloud. After a bit of investigative legwork, Tommi flies from her home in urban Scotland all the way down to New Zealand to meet with her blood family. They are not at all what she had expected.  And neither is what happens to her own self after being in contact with others like her. Other werewolves, that is.


Maria Lewis

Maria Lewis is a journalist and author based in Sydney, Australia. Getting her start as a police reporter, her work on pop culture has appeared in publications such as the New York Post, Guardian, Penthouse, The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Empire Magazine, The Daily Mail, Penthouse, Junkee, WHO Weekly, Huffington Post, SBS, ABC and many more. A journalist for over 14 years, she was previously seen on SBS Viceland's nightly news program The Feed as a presenter, producer and writer and as the host of Cleverfan on ABC Indigenous, the live Cleverman post-show talk show. 

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Series: Tommie Grayson

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Review REVIEW - WHO'S AFRAID by Maria Lewis
Andrea Thompson
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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